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The molars and premolars toward the back of your mouth play an essential role in your basic oral function. When a cavity forms on one of these teeth, it can cause persistent discomfort while also limiting your efficient oral function.

If a small cavity is detected in a reasonable amount of time a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Henry Bowman, he might be able to repair it with a dental filling made from metallic amalgam. This is a special blend of dental grade metals that are known for their durability.

Dr. Henry Bowman will explain your numbing options. Once your comfort has been ensured, he will remove any decayed tooth enamel. This will provide a clean surface with the necessary texture to bond the metallic amalgam material.

After the dental filling has been prepared and installed, he will then harden it with a special ultraviolet light. Once this is done, your new dental filling will last for many long years to come.

Brushing your teeth each morning and night as well as remembering to floss at least once each day can help prevent future cavities from developing. It might also help to prolong the strong relationship between the dental filling and the adjacent tooth enamel.

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