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Severe tooth decay can devastate your enamel, causing you difficulty while chewing. If the majority of the healthy enamel of your tooth is damaged, your dentist, Dr. Henry Bowman may not be able to anchor a filling. In such cases, the tooth’s root may be infected and may require a root canal.

To find out for sure if a root canal is necessary, Dr. Henry Bowman will take a few x-rays to examine the health of the tooth and the root. If it’s discovered that the decay has spread into the root, you will need a root canal treatment.

Most root canal treatments require two separate appointments. After assessing the extent of the root’s infection, the damaged enamel will be removed with a drill in order to allow access to the damaged parts of the root. Once the infection is resolved, the roots are replaced with a rubbery plug. Once completed, an abutment can be created to anchor a temporary crown.

The crown itself is made in a lab from an impression taken of your tooth. It is used to replace the lost enamel, and restore the full function of your mouth. During your second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown will be anchored in its place.

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