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In order to prevent cavities, we practice daily brushing and flossing. Sometimes,though, we may mess up and forget to brush for a day. It’s an honest mistake that can sometimes lead to us developing a cavity. Don’t be mad at yourself if this happens. Dr. Henry Bowman understands your situation and is here to offer several treatments to repair your cavity and restore your smile.

For most cavities, a simple dental filling will be enough to treat the issue. After the cavity is cleaned out, a special resin is used to fill it. After the resin bonds with the tooth, it will provide the strength it needs to be used regularly.

If the tooth still retains enough of its strength but the cavity is too big for a filling, a partial crown may be used. A partial crown is also called an inlay or onlay depending on its installation and will repair the cavity while restoring the tooth’s missing strength.

In cases where the tooth has suffered massive decay because of the cavity, a dental crown will be used to treat it. During this treatment, Dr. Henry Bowman will remove the majority of your tooth’s enamel. The enamel is then replaced with a crown that has been created for your tooth in a dental lab.

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