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When you have a dental emergency, you’ll likely try and remember some basic first-aid tips. If you lose a tooth, you’ll obviously want to find the tooth and stop any bleeding. But what about other problems that may not be common, like fracturing a tooth? Or lip and tongue injuries?

To help you make sure you know the right first aid for any dental emergency, our team at Henry B. Bowman, DDS in Houston, Texas, created this post.

Tooth problems

If you suffer any damage to your teeth, you’ll want to make sure to do the following things immediately after.

First, if the tooth was knocked out, find it and place it in a glass of milk or water. This helps keep the tooth alive until Dr. Henry Bowman can put it back in the socket. You’ll also want to clean the socket and stop any bleeding.

If you chip or fracture a tooth, you’ll want to gently hold the tooth in place and stop any bleeding as you rush to the office so the tooth can be fixed.

Lip and tongue problems

It’s also really common to have issues with your lip and tongue. If you bite either hard enough, you’ll end up drawing quite a bit of blood (head injuries bleed a ton). If that’s the case, make sure to apply pressure to the wound, add ice to keep the swelling down, and get to a medical center as quickly as possible. If the bleeding is profuse or won’t stop, you’ll probably need stiches.

Dealing with dental emergencies isn’t any fun, but hopefully with these first aid insights you’ll be able to better deal with them when they arise. If you need more information, call us today at 713-961-9894.